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With their standout sound and style, Madhen are the sensory explosion that will rocket your event to a whole new level and get everyone (and we mean everyone) shaking their stuff on the dance floor. True masters at the top of their game, Madhen bring  their unique mashups, technical brilliance and non-stop energy to events for the world’s most recognised brands, celebrities and venues. They’ve even got the Royals dancing. And as distinct as their sound is Madhen’s style - acres of it. They’re nothing less than spectacularly turned out for every event; shimmering, sartorial and always sensational!

A shot of Helen wearing a sparkly gold jacket


Rock chick at heart, Helen channels her inner Debbie Harry, dazzling with show-stopping costumes and killer vocals. Passionate, playful, and fabulous, with a spirit as spectacular as her costumes, she’s the heart of Madhen ensuring every performance is an electrifying experience.


Madhen’s vocal dynamo! From stage shows to rocking out, Damien’s the yin to Helen’s yang, sparking up the stage with his high energy blend of  fun, flair and fabulousness. A true entertainer and a Pisces!

Damien wearing a sparkly jacket singing on-stage
Paul playing the drums wearing sunglasses, on stage.


Behind the drums, he’s a force of nature. As the rock heartbeat of Madhen, Paul’s responsible for delivering irresistible beats that keep everyone on the dance floor. The true essence of rockstar energy, he ensures every Madhen party is legendary. Dance, groove, repeat!


Behind the bass and beneath an unforgettable moustache is Andy, he’s the groove behind Madhen’s unforgettable sound. And as anyone who’s danced the night away to Madhen will know, Andy’s bass lines are just as iconic as his signature ‘tache.

Andy on stage playing guitar
Martyn playing guitar on stage


Don’t be fooled by Martyn’s strong silent demeanour, he’s the guitar powerhouse behind Madhen’s epic sets. From childhood dreams watching Top of the Pops to playing onstage at the O2 Arena, Martyn’s the organised backbone with a passion for harmony and the odd killer riff. Madhen’s set offers all this and more!

“Imagine a band that has dropped so much acid they think they are Queen, The Scissor Sisters, Michael Jackson, Blondie and Kings of Leon. It was an amazing show. The costumes were extraordinary and the band can really, really play. Non-stop excellence, delivering hit after hit to the yelling delight of the audience.”
russ kane
bbc london

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Craving a taste of Madhen’s electric vibes? Dive into our latest party mix on Soundcloud. It’s a curated collection of what’s been fuelling our rehearsals lately - a perfect blend to kickstart your weekend vibes!

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