MadHen playing in front of a large crowd at a Corporate Event


Madhen aren’t your average corporate band. They’re the main event. Theatrics, costumes and a non-stop high-energy musical mash-up performance that’ll leave your guests buzzing.

bringing the party to the world's biggest brands

“We could not have had a better band. The music choice was spot on and the dance floor was always full!”
moët & chandon
"F***in’ brilliant!"
edith bowman
“Outstanding! We loved you and the dance floor was proof that the clients did too!”
Louise Bang, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co
"Barclays was absolutely over the moon with the evening and with all of you. They said you were the best band they have ever had at an event."
Caroline Hughes Event Production
“By far the best ‘corporate’ gig we have ever delivered - and it looked amazing”
Ian Greenfield, The Production Bureau
“Truly sensational. The catalyst that got the crowd going”
Tom Hardyment
“Madhen dream team!”
Virgin Holidays
“Madhen is one of the best bands Specsavers has worked with. Professional through and through from booking to performing - outstanding performance and had the dance floor filled in seconds. Already booked for our next event!”
“The best band we’ve ever had perform for us - and one of the best by far I’ve booked, after booking bands for the last 10 years in my various roles.”
Ben Harris, Thames River Capital
MadHen on stage in fancy dress singing in front of a dancing crowd

think rock star

Madhen don’t just hit the stage, they own it. Expect a dance floor that’s never empty and a crowd that’s always hyped. They’ll be treated to over two hours of non-stop beats and killer mash-ups of the past 30 years to the signature Madhen magic - all with a synced video backdrop. Your event? Iconic. Thanks to Madhen.

Want to amp it up even more? Dive deeper and discover how Madhen can make your corporate event the stuff of legends.

and the look?

Madhen love to dress up and their costume department is overflowing with glorious get-ups to suit the most outrageous clients! With Madhen, your party will be more than just another date on the calendar, it’ll be the event of the year.

Helen on stage singing into the microphone in a yellow, green and red fringed dress
MadHen costumes hanging on a rack
Some custom MadHen outfits
MadHen dressed as air stewards
MadHen costumes
Helen dressed as a clown
MadHen Band dressed up
The MadHen band dressed as Zombies
Bespoke white trousers created by the MadHen band
The materials used for a custom outfit


For those events when you need something really special, Madhen Productions can deliver a musical powerhouse. Need a horn section to blow the roof off? Done. Want a percussion section to shake the floor? Consider it sorted. And when the live set’s over, Madhen’s DJs can keep the party at fever pitch. For those who demand the extraordinary, Madhen delivers. Every single time.

The MadHen band outside in a row
Helen wearing a blue jacket


When Madhen leaves the stage, the party doesn’t have to be over. Madhen’s  carefully selected roster of DJs knows exactly how to keep the energy soaring. And for those truly unforgettable moments, watch as they sync up with the band, creating a unique, live jam session that blurs the lines between concert and DJ set. With Madhen, the vibe never misses a beat.

live stings

Awards ceremonies? With Madhen’s live ‘stings’, every award feels like a rockstar moment. Madhen have jammed with the best from Rob Brydon to Miles Jupp. Roll out the red carpet and make your awards the headline act.

The Madhen band photographed in studio
MadHen playing on stage with lights and smoke

synced video wall

Large event? Looking for a Beyoncé-level concert experience, but without the superstar budget? Add Madhen’s video wall, and high-energy graphics and video content sync with every beat, riff and vocal, creating a mesmerising immersive spectacle and adding an extra layer of excitement to the electrifying performance.

“Madhen are an extremely slick outfit - both technically and musically! From a production perspective, they are total pros - great communication, pain-free sound-checks, and if you’re on a tight schedule about as easy as a band gets. They are so good that I asked them to play at my wedding, and then my 50th birthday. Both parties were incredible and our friends always comment on ‘that band’! I would highly recommend Madhen for events where ‘it matters’ - Corporate, Weddings, Parties, both on and off stage - you can’t fault them!”


Sure, Madhen brings the rock and roll flair and the glitz, but there’s also some serious tech wizardry powering our shows. Here’s a peek behind the curtain for the tech enthusiasts. Madhen rolls with their own front-of-house sound engineer and, for most gigs, their own console, stage pack (that’s backline, mics, stands, and cabling), and in-ear monitoring system. This setup lets Madhen slot into existing production setups with ease and zero drama.

Need a hand with your event’s tech? Just say the word, and Madhen will handle the heavy lifting. Got a video wall or projection screens? They’ve  got synchronised dynamic video content that’ll sync up perfectly with the performance – all it takes is an HDMI output from our rack, stationed right by the drummer. Madhen are safe hands when it comes to bringing the magic to your event. It’s no wonder they’re the UK’s best party band.


Think crystal clear. From intimate speeches to rocking out festival-style, their gear is top-notch. D&B, JBL, Digico - only the best.


Cutting edge tech, hi-def video walls and bespoke LED wizardry. The sky’s the limit when it comes to bringing your vision to life.


From award podiums to massive outdoor stages, Madhen has the set-up to make your event a stand-out. Plus the extras: bars, carpets and custom builds.

event management

Got a vision? They’ve got the team. Production pros, sound gurus and even the odd carpenter. Madhen has got your back, every step of the way.

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Craving a taste of Madhen’s electric vibes? Dive into our latest party mix on Soundcloud. It’s a curated collection of what’s been fuelling our rehearsals lately - a perfect blend to kickstart your weekend vibes!

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